Lemon mousse


Lemon mousse is the garnish of the legendary lemon pie, but what I love in this dessert is the garnish, not the short crust pastry. So without pastry my dessert is an quick and easy sweet pleasure. The music is composed by Josh Woodward. If you like music you must visit his website, joshwoodward.com

5 lemons (1 cup)
3 eggs (160 g)
4 egg yolks (140 g)
5 oz sugar (150 g)
5 oz butter (150 g)
6 small coconut rocks

Collect the lemon juice
Pass the lemon juice in a colander
Add the eggs
Add egg yolks
Add sugar
Whisk for a homogeneous texture
Cook over medium heat about 3 minutes, still whipping during cooking
From the first broth, remove from heat
Add the butter cubes and mix
Mix preparation
Pour into small dishes and place a rock coconut center
Leave in the fridge overnight …